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When Cultures Meet Workshop for Estes valley library & estes valley restorative justice partnership

TRAINER(S): Susan Stewart

LOCATION: Colorado

DATES: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

EVENT: Each year, the library and the RJ Partnership have a conflict resolution focus for one month.  It includes a speaker (author of The Ethics of Listening), a movie (Risking Light) and discussion, a book and discussion, and other events, such as reading for children and youth.  This year, When Cultures Meet is open to the community and forms the capstone of the Conflict Resolution month.  

Relationships form from the heart of community.  When those relationships are based on respect and understanding, everyone benefits.

Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership (EVRJP) helps build and repair relationships - whether working to repair the harm of a crime, bringing parties together to work out sustainable solutions, or providing proactive support to build community connections and promote positive decision-making.

EVRJP is restoring community one relationship at a time.

When Cultures Meet Workshop for Youth – Parkgate Community Services

TRAINER(S): David LeBlanc & Teresa Comey

LOCATION: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

DATES: Friday, October 25, 2019

EVENT: David and Teresa will be presenting/designing a workshop for youth, grades 7/8, with goal of assisting them with the transition from elementary school to high school and some of the challenges they face.  

Programs and services provided for youth are funded and implemented through Parkgate Community Services Society.

Services include:

  • Opportunities for leadership and youth engagement
  • Individual support (immediate and ongoing one-to-one support)
  • Crisis intervention and family mediation
  • Opportunities for positive change for youth, such as learning life skills and skill development
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Access to information for youth
  • Small group and classroom presentations on youth issues
  • Opportunities for drug and alcohol education, assessment and referral
  • Opportunities for mental health screening and referral
  • Youth advocacy

Organization Workshop for kelowna community resources

TRAINER(S): Karen Bowen

LOCATION: British Columbia, Canada

DATES: Wednesday, October 23, 2019

EVENT: Karen will be delivering the Organization Workshop for KCR on October 23, 2019.  KCR us a not for profit agency fostering diversity, collaboration and resourcefulness by tailoring services to meet community, family and individual needs.

Organization Workshop for Royal Roads University Alumni Network

TRAINER: Phil Cady

LOCATION/DATES: Edmonton, AB, Canada (Sept 19), Calgary, AB, Canada (Sept 20), Ottawa, ON, Canada (Oct 17), Toronto, ON, Canada (Oct 18)

EVENT: Phil Cady will deliver the Organization Workshop for the Royal Roads University Alumni Network at the locations listed above.  Royal Roads University Mission:  We are leaders and partners creating an enduring prosperity.  Our teachers and research transforms careers and lives by solving problems and creating opportunities in the world.

Organization Workshop for Starlight Children’s Foundation

TRAINER(S): Paul Mitchell

LOCATION: Australia

DATES: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

EVENT: Mitch will deliver the OW for the Starlight Children’s Foundation on October 22, 2019. Starlight's mission is "To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families". Because sick kids are still kids at heart... When a once-bright life becomes dulled by needles, hospital visits and painful treatments, Starlight helps sick kids forget their illness and re-discover the joy of childhood. Starlight knows there's more to treatment than medicine. Since 1988, they have partnered with Australian health professionals to develop programs based on positive psychology principles that support the 'total care' of children and teens. They disrupt the relentless cycle of pain and trauma and offer a welcome break so that sick kids can simply be kids. They believe fun fights fear and wins every time.

Organization Workshops for vineyard family ministries

TRAINER(S): Susan Stewart


DATES: Monday, October 21, 2019 & Wednesday October 23, 2019

EVENT: Two one day OW Workshops (one for church leaders, one for those leading and working in various government ministries).  Vineyard Family Ministries mission is to develop a community of disciples who experience God, love one another, and partner with Christ to heal the world.

organization Workshop certification – youth hub africa & one life initiative

TRAINER(S): Susan Stewart


DATES: Tuesday, October 15 - Friday, October 18, 2019

EVENT: OW Certification for 10 Nigerian trainers from various civil society organizations.  Youth Hub Africa is a frontline youth policy and advocacy organization programming for Africa and beyond.  They galvenize young people towards social change through learning collaborations and creativity.  Their programs work to balance disparity and inequality due to absense of adequate quality education, sexual reproductive healthcare, skills and opportunities for African youth.

One life Initiative is convinced that young people are the greatest asset of this age.  That explains why we seek to empower young people with the right skills using participatory tools whilst giving them access to appropriate information needed to activate sustainable change in society.

Organization Workshop for oceana philippines

TRAINER(S): Beth mAcdonald

LOCATION: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

DATES: October 2019

EVENT: Beth will be delivering the Organization Workshop for Oceana Philippines in October.  Oceana Philippines is an international organization focused solely on oceans, dedicated to achieving measurable change by conducting specific science-based policy campaigns with fixed deadlines and articulated goals.

When Cultures Meet Workshop for New Hope Maui

TRAINER(S): Marsha Wesley Coleman


DATES: Saturday, August 10, 2019

EVENT: Marsha will be facilitating the When Cultures Meet Workshop for New Hope Maui.  New Hope Maui is a church that exists to help people come alive to their relationships, gifts, talents, opportunities and fulfillment.  They are a Foursquare church located in Central Maui filled with a diverse family of believers.

Organization Workshop for STARS

TRAINER(S): Les Fisher

LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

DATES: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

EVENT: Les will be facilitating the Organization Workshop for STARS as they bring their team together to align fundraising efforts across the three provinces they support.  STARS is a registered charity in Canada, providing helicopter air ambulance services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and parts of British Columbia. Patients are not charged for this service.  The STARS Foundation is the arm of the organization that raises money.


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