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Maximize your People power

experiential workshops with impact

Power + Systems delivers workshops designed to accelerate the impact of your organization’s initiatives. Each workshop is a high-involvement, reality-based event that will unleash the productive power of your people and your organization. Each is grounded in our proven methodology and will give participants new ways of seeing and understanding the worlds in which they and others operate, and they will walk away with tools and strategic frameworks to put that into action. The learning is impactful, powerful and lasting, because it gets participants in the gut and the head.

The Organization Workshop is a highly engaging, experiential exercise based on decades of research and observation of the systemic nature of people in organizations. The workshop helps participants see new possibilities for increasing their influence and effectiveness as well as how to increase the vitality and success of their organization. The workshop can accommodate groups of 15-50, or in a customized format, groups of 51-300. The workshop can be delivered in a half-day, 1-day, or 2-day format.

These brief, 3-6 minute videos are a great way to reinforce and sustain key concepts from the OW.  Each video provides a refresher on the predictable conditions of, and reflex reaction to, one of the “worlds” of Top, Bottom, Middle, and Customer.  The videos also provide a “Door B” challenge to help the viewer apply the principles of the OW to their life.

In order to survive in these turbulent times, organizations need competent, effective, and empowered middle management. Yet those in middle positions commonly report that their jobs are too demanding, stressful, and unrewarding. Leading from the Middle aims at transforming middle positions into the drivers of integrated and effective change in their organization. This workshop supports Middles’ ability to lead more effectively and become key players in organizational change efforts.

When Cultures Meet is an insight-provoking, experiential workshop that helps participants navigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities that occur when two or more cultures interact. The workshop provides the knowledge base and methodology for developing robust, integrated cultures that leverage the unique capabilities and contributions of all of an organization’s members. The workshop can accommodate groups of 12-50, or in a customized format, groups of 51-300.   The workshop can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format.

The Power Lab is like no other leadership development program. 
It is an intensive, six-day exploration of power and leadership that provides you with the perfect practice field for intelligent risk-taking and personal growth. It’s challenging. It’s inspiring. It’s energizing. It’s more than a case study or a simulation. You’ll find yourself living in a multi-class community divided by dramatic differences in resources, authority, and power. You’ll be faced repeatedly with the core questions of leadership: What is your vision for this organization? How can you implement change? How do you create and sustain productive partnerships? What is your power? Do you use it or run from it?

During your experience, you’ll come face-to-face with the issues and challenges of power and leadership that you grapple with every day in your professional and personal life. Past participants tell us it’s like having years of decision making and valuable new experiences condensed into six days.


We are Power + Systems. We are a people development and consulting company dedicated to unleashing the full, positive potential of individuals and organizations. We have built our unique business on a powerful combination of decades of ground-breaking research, insight-filled books, and highly engaging, experiential workshops.

Power - we help you, and your organization, to maximize your people power – the ability to influence and lead, to create positive impact and lasting change – from any level or part of the organization.

Systems - we help you, and your organization, to increase your ability to think and act more systemically to effectively manage the increasingly complex world in which we live and work.

Power + Systems = Transformation - We help our clients create lasting change whether they are within: a multi-national company, non-profit, government agency, school system, faith-based group, family, or community group. Our systemic approach helps people understand and leverage the predictable patterns that exist in organizations and the reflex responses that we, as human beings, often use to respond to them. Once people understand the systemic nature of organizations, they can identify more powerful strategies for success, and most importantly, put them into action.

"A mind once stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions"   Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Our company was founded in 1975 by Barry Oshry, a pioneer in the field of human systems thinking. Consequently, our work is solidly rooted in observations of how people can perform at their best within the context of an organization. Through over four decades of research with all types of organizations, all over the world, we have built a powerful set of insights and actionable strategies that supercharge the ability of individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. We help people see and act, with more clarity than ever before - in ways that will increase their ability to achieve their goals and fulfill the mission of their organization.

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