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the power lab faqs

How long is the Power Lab?

The Power Lab is a total immersion experience where leaders live 24 hours a day for one week while receiving immediate coaching and feedback. The intensity of the Power Lab is what creates the lasting learning.

How does it work?

Participants find themselves immersed in this new world – The Society of New Hope - a three-class community with sharp differences in wealth and power. The Elite own and control much of the society’s resources, the Immigrants enter the society with few resources, and the Managers need to navigate between these contrasting worlds of wealth and power

In this setting, all the critical issues of power and leadership emerge clearly, and participants are confronted with these head on. You don’t just talk about power and leadership, you live it daily moment by moment.       

Participants find themselves confronting many of the same issues and choices they face in daily life, yet here they are able to take a hard look at their usual ways of handling these issues, explore new approaches, and test their limits. It is this visceral, total immersion experience that plays a key role in creating the lasting learning of The Power Lab.

Who Should Attend?

It’s for line managers and CEO’s, school board members and mental health specialists, university faculty and human resource professionals. In fact, it’s the diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences that makes the Power Lab more enriching for all. It’s for leaders at all levels who want to be more effective influencing the future direction of their organizations.

  • Leaders who are taking on increasing responsibilities and want to be successful
  • Leaders seeking to work across boundaries more productively and break down barriers
  • High potentials and fast-trackers who want to accelerate learning about their personal power, their personal barriers, and their system power potential
  • Leaders looking for the skills and courage to take their organizations to the next level
  • Leaders who are adventurous learners
  • Executive coaches seeking to develop system leaders

Anyone who wants to more clearly see and understand human systems. System sight opens up powerful possibilities for managing complexity and maximizing your personal power and influence. This unique program is powerful opportunity to increase your effectiveness and the impact you have in your organization as well as all the other roles you play in life.

What is the need for the Power Lab?

Organizations at the forefront of change require dynamic leadership - leaders with a deep understanding of how human systems operate along with the courage and skills to navigate the complexities of today’s world. The Power Lab, like no other program, is the practice field for the development of such leaders at all levels of an organization.

All great athletes need a challenging practice field, a place that supports them in moving past their limits and rising to new levels of performance. The Power Lab is exactly the practice field needed to get ready for the challenges ahead.

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