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Our collection of articles and white papers expands on Barry Oshry’s passion about the realities of life in organizations.  They will continue to deepen your understanding of the roles people play in organization and their opportunities for successfully impacting those systems.


“Changing the Dance In Somalia” By Barry Oshry
Read how Barry’s poem, “The Terrible Dance of Power,” inspired Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed to reengage in the Somali Peace Process. Learn More

“Rabination” By Barry Oshry
The day Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a fellow Jew, I was devastated and, in response, coined a word both to honor him and to name a vital human possibility. Learn More

“The Witches’ Brew” By Barry Oshry
The secret formula for waking at night with brilliant thoughts and strategies for improving your condition in the organization and the organization itself.” (Adapted from Leading Systems: Lessons from the Power Lab). 
Learn More

"The Last Chance Revolution" By Barry Oshry
There's an obvious solution to war; it is so obvious, it seems ridiculous. Learn More

“Silo Breakthroughs: Creating A Powerful Middle Team” by Marcia Hyatt & Ginny Belden-Charles
In this article, Hyatt and Belden-Charles share success stories of middles who have effectively integrated, what they have been able to accomplish, and the organization mechanisms that helped them create a powerful middle team and bridge the business. Learn More

“Future Thinking by Middle Managers: A Neglected Necessity” by Michael Sales, Ed.D.
Here, supported by a case study and extensive experience as an organization development consultant and facilitator, Michael Sales examines how systemic forces result in chronic under-utilization of the knowledge and insight of middle management. Learn More

“Integrating Your Way To Satisfied Customers: Reflections on Integration,” by Diana Lilla, PMP.
This article looks at integrating across functional lines of authority as a critical key to success in project management. Learn More


Provocative pieces that can fundamentally alter the way we play our roles as members of organizations and citizens of the world. 

The Terrible Dance of Power {PDF download}

The Universal Civics Course {PDF download}

Self In System Sensitizer {PDF download}

Total System Power
 {PDF download}

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