Universal relevance

The meeting of cultures happens in the widest array of settings:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Globalization, when one organization brings its culture into another country with its own culture
  • Two units within the organization, each with its unique culture, need to work together
  • Increasing diversity within organizations
  • Different religions struggling for dominance
  • New waves of immigration
  • The changing complexion of societies

An unsettling process

The meeting of cultures is generally an unsettling process for all parties. The question is: Which way will this process go? There are two possibilities:


  • ongoing tension
  • winners and losers
  • struggle for control or domination
  • internal warfare
  • subjugation and oppression

2. SUCCESS:  The creation of a newer, more robust culture, one more robust than any of the interacting cultures alone.

The goal of When Cultures Meet

To provide the emotional underpinning and knowledge base for developing a high energy, integrated culture that capitalizes on the unique capabilities and contributions of its diverse partners.

How it works

This one-day workshop is a blend of dynamic, visceral exercises involving merging cultures, thought-provoking strategic frameworks to help make sense of the processes, and concrete application activities.

The first exercise focuses on dominance. One culture with its traditional ways of working faces the challenge of incorporating people with different traditions.

The second exercise focuses on organizational culture. Four organizations with differing cultures are developed and then one acquires the others.

These exercises set the stage for dealing with the emotional and strategic issues that arise when different cultures meet, whether in an organizational or societal setting.

What participants come away with

  • A deeper understanding of the human issues involved in the meeting of two or more cultures
  • More confidence in their ability to function effectively in that process
  • An appreciation for the value of cultures different from their own
  • A recognition of the implications of being “dominant” and “other”
  • A concrete framework for developing vibrant human systems that maximize the contributions of its members

Who The When Cultures Meet Workshop is for

Any group, organization, institution, or community that is challenged by the tensions generated by the interaction between two or more cultures.

Bring WHEN CULTURES MEET into your organization, institution or community.