The workshop that supports Middles to become key players in organizational change efforts

In order to survive in these turbulent times, organizations need competent, effective, and empowered middle management. Yet those in middle positions commonly report that their jobs are too demanding, stressful, and unrewarding. Leading from the Middle aims at transforming middle positions into the drivers of integrated and effective change in their organization.

How it works

Leading from the Middle focuses on the dilemmas, challenges, system power possibilities and contributions of middle positions. The workshop offers Barry Oshry’s classic Top, Middle, Bottom, Customer interactive exercise, highlighting issues essential to successful Middle life:

The Multiple Worlds Middles Interact With. Participants will explore the very different “worlds” Middles are called upon to interact with. They discover the pitfalls they need to avoid and the effective strategies they need to follow when interacting with Tops who are overwhelmed by complexity, Bottoms who are feeling oppressed by management, Customers who feel they are being inadequately attended to, and other equally harried Middles.

The Multiple Roles Middles Play. Participants will also discover the stumbling blocks they face when negotiating the multiple roles they are called on to play: sometimes as Top (when they are responsible for some piece of the action), sometimes as Bottom (when they are on the receiving end of unwanted circumstances), sometimes as Customers (when they are not getting delivery on products or services they need), and sometimes as peers (when unproductive peer relationships are limiting organizational effectiveness).

The Power of Middle Integration. In addition, they will learn about the power of middle integration: the personal benefits integrating with other Middles provides, the contribution it makes to those they lead, manage, supervise, or coach, as well as to their Tops. And the central role integration plays in organizational success. Participants will discover the issues that regularly prevent Middle integration from developing and how to master them.

What participants come away with

The workshop is an engaging mix of direct experience, personal and group reflection, solid practical theory you can act on, and on-the-job application. Participants walk away with learning that lasts and the experience, conceptual frameworks and applications they need in order to take real, meaningful action. 

For more insights, check out Barry Oshry’s free e-BookBetween a Rock and a Hard Place” in which he narrates the pitfalls and opportunities of working in the middle and how understanding can speed up their development as a leader.

Follow-up coaching

The workshop package includes nine follow-up coaching videos narrated by Barry Oshry.  These come directly to participants' desktops at regularly scheduled intervals.

Who it is for

Middle managers looking to become drivers of integrated and effective change in their organization, and executives committed to strengthening their organizations by supporting leadership from the middle.

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