If you are looking for a new thinking on how to achieve your strategic or career goals, the Power + Systems Coaching Group can help you get there. Their Human Systems Thinking (HST) approach, based on Oshry’s framework, helps you see and assess the total system context in which you function. Their approach supports you in seeing things less personally and more systemically, thus enabling you to take more strategic, effective action.

Their coaching clients span a gamut of careers and life stages. They begin wherever you are. The Self-In-System Sensitizer will give you useful insights into where you are on some key dimensions of organizational behavior. Download it. It’s free.

Members of Power + Systems Coaching Group are Anne Litwin, Mary Lou Michael and Phil Novick. They have long careers in coaching, both in their private practices and as core members of the Power Lab coaching staff.

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What Clients Are saying about the power + Systems Coaching Group

Anne Litwin:

Trained as an engineer, I found my career stalled in the same way in two different companies. Anne’s coaching helped me figure out what I needed to do to reach my career goals. She helped me understand how to project my strengths and ideas into the world of tops, and how to handle the competitive dynamics with my middle peers. As a result I was promoted to VP and then hired to be CEO of a different company less than a year later.

Mary Lou Michael:

Mary Lou has been working with me for the past 8 months. Early on the Self-In-System Sensitizer gave me new insight into my role and behavior as a leader. Mary Lou helped me understand some of my key patterns and see new options. I’ve become a more confident leader using the system framework to interpret situations and understand the feedback I receive. I’m now able to think on my feet more quickly and react more effectively. A peer of mine also works with Mary Lou. We’ve been able to use our common systems understanding to work across department lines and enact change. We have had more impact together than either of us could have had individually, and it’s been empowering for our groups.

Phil Novick:

Leading in a system that is as complex as ours during a time when we need to shift the culture is a challenge. Phil's coaching helps us see systemic conditions often missed in the daily operations of our dynamic organization. He provides an unbiased viewpoint from the outside in. His coaching is instrumental in catalyzing change that has positive outcomes. He does this in a way that is in the flow of our work, which is most helpful as we are able to easily apply the lessons of his coaching. Phil's approach is also unique in my experience because it is one where he strives for the people in our system to become self-reliant and responsible for their own future, lessening the need for any long-term dependence on him as a coach.

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