For over 35 years, the work of Power + Systems has been grounded in the pioneering studies and observations of Barry Oshry. The other ingredient to our success is a network of experienced organizational and leadership development professionals who have mastered the understanding and delivery of Barry’s methodology–from workshops to theater, presentations to trainer certifications. This network of over 400 professionals spans the globe from every corner of the US to across Canada and Europe, in India, Australia and South Africa. 

The Founders

Barry Oshry has worked for over 35 years with a single-minded quest to unlock the mysteries of power and powerlessness in social system life. He began his work in the 1960s at Boston University where he developed large-scale organizational simulations for undergraduates in business. Throughout the 1960s he continued his research and program development at BU and at NTL Institute. In 1970 he created The Power Lab, and since the mid-1970’s he has developed and conducted organizational simulations with Tops, Middles, Bottoms, and Customers. These programs have been providing “system sight” to organizations throughout the world.

A pioneer in the field of systems thinking, Barry has been invited to address numerous professional conferences. He has written extensively on power, system change, and other social system issues. Among his writing are ‘The Possibilities Of Organization,’ ‘In The Middle,’ and ‘Space Work.’ His most recent books, ‘Seeing Systems’ and ‘Leading Systems,’ have met with critical acclaim and are regularly used in a variety of graduate courses.

Karen Oshry is the President of Power + Systems and is the organization’s link with clients as well as with our worldwide network of trainers. She provides coaching on which program best meets an individual’s or organization’s goals. As a design partner in all of Power + Systems’ programs, she is adept at working with clients to tailor programs to meet their needs and to connect them with the most appropriate facilitator.