If you’re looking for a realistic understanding of organizational life and want to accelerate the impact of leadership and organizational development programs, this is the place. Barry Oshry's books provide a simple yet profound lens into life in the organization. A seminal thinker, Barry writes in an accessible and concise style, one that opens up new avenues for successfully impacting the many systems of our lives.

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Check out Barry’s recent contributions to leadership theory in the following books:

“Extraordinary Leadership: Addressing the Gaps of Senior Executive Development”
Jossey-Bass Publishers/A Wiley Imprint, 2010

Look for “People in Context”
 by Barry Oshry
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“Practicing Organization Development”
John Wiley and Sons, Inc., San Francisco, 2010

Look for “Context Blindness: What We Don’t See Will Hurt Us” by Barry Oshry
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“Leadership Coaching: Working with Leaders to Develop Elite Performance”
Kogan Page, London, 2010
Look for “Coaching from a Systems Perspective” by Barry Oshry
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