When it comes to system leadership, we have choices. We can choose to end up in familiar dysfunctional scenarios of organization life. Or we can choose to do something about it, providing leadership that builds stronger, more effective organizations.  Having real understanding about organizations and recognizing predictable patterns accelerates the impact leaders have on critical change and growth initiatives.

TOPS (yes, we're all Tops sometimes)

Predictable Pattern: Sucking responsibility up to ourselves and away from others, and becoming the BURDENED Top

PLAY VIDEO: I'll Handle It

Choose to be a Top who creates responsibility throughout the system

MIDDLES (and we're all Middles sometimes)

Predictable Pattern: Sliding into the middle of other people's issues and problems and becoming the weak, confused, TORN Middle

PLAY VIDEO: Torn in the Middle

Choose to be a Middle who maintains independence of thought and action

BOTTOMS (and we're all Bottoms sometimes)

Predictable Pattern: Holding higher-ups responsible for our condition and the condition of the system and becoming the OPPRESSED Bottom.  

PLAY VIDEO: Choir Master

Choose to be a Bottom who is responsible for your condition and for the condition of the system

CUSTOMER (you guessed it, we're all Customers sometimes)

Predictable Pattern: Staying aloof from the delivery system, holding it responsible for delivery, and becoming the RIGHTEOUSLY DONE-TO Customer

Choose to be a Customer who gets in the middle of delivery processes and helps them work for you