Our methodology is based on the pioneering work of Barry Oshry and his theory of systems leadership. Through years of research, he made a simple observation. In organization after organization, regardless of the business, the size, or country they're in, he witnessed the same self-limiting patterns of behavior. Each time, the problems were thought to be unique and personal. And the solution: to shuffle, fire or change the players. The only problem was, the same issues kept coming back.

What he realized was that the vast majority of problems were not, in fact, personal. Instead, they were systemic–meaning, shaped by the different contexts within which people operate and work relative to one another. He discovered that the path to leadership lay not in changing the players, but in working the underlying systemic issues in ways that produce lasting results.

What makes our approach different:

  • A human systems approach based on the groundbreaking and practical work of Barry Oshry -- not “pie in the sky”
  • Deals with the reality of organizations as people experience it, with concrete payoffs for personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • Insights into and skills for leadership in our roles as Tops, Middles, Bottoms, Customers, and Providers.
  • High involvement organizational and societal simulations that produce visceral learning that sticks.
  • Elegant learning environments that involve action, private reflection, whole system reflection, strategic frameworks, and application.
  • Knowledge and tools that enable those in middle positions to become key players in systems change.
  • A focus on working together in partnership across boundaries.
  • A perspective that challenges us to attain our higher-order possibilities as people and organizations.
  • Dedicated, experienced professional staff who believe in what they do and are committed to your success.